Gary Dufour

21 September 1982 - 9 October 1982
Opening Reception 21 September 1982 8pm

West Gallery:

Obedient Object/Specific Traditions

Statement by Artist:

My exhibition involves cast and constructed replicas of domestic and museum objects. The production of the objects employs specific sculptural traditions contrasted to the function and situation of their prototype. The objects being models are contingent forms.

The associations which surround the prototype, sculptural practise and function allow for contradiction to impute dependencies. Function and disfunction are addressed in a more general context when contingent constructions are understood. “Because its aim is not an end result….but the actual operation, combination, and construction of dependencies.”

1. El Lissitsky, “Prouns”, 1921 in El Lissitsky (Koln: Galerie Gmursynska 1976)