Gareth Fisher

24 July 1984 - 18 August 1984
Opening Reception 24 July 1984 8pm

East Gallery:

Sprouting Head

This exhibition features recent sculpture by the Scottish artist Gareth Fisher. Built in plaster using found material and objects, each piece is completed and resolved over a long period of time. The concerns of Gareth’s work are with contemporary issues and current affairs. These factors, however, are sometimes masked behind a romantic or decorative facade. The heavily textured elements in his work indicate both the growth, and possibly the destruction, of the image. The implied vulnerability of modern society is present in the majority of this work.

Gareth Fisher was born in England in 1951 and attended Edinburgh College of Art from 1969 to 1974. Since 1978, he has exhibited at the New 57 Gallery and the Talbot Rice Art Gallery in Edinburgh, the Artists Space Gallery in New York, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Hatton Gallery in Newcastle, Capden Art Centre in London, and the Third Eye Centre in Glasgow. Gareth Fisher is living in Dundee, Scotland and lectures in sculpture at Dundee College of Art.