Marianne Lovink & Sheila Moss

21 June 2001 - 28 July 2001
Opening Reception 21 June 2001 8pm

Front Gallery:


“Lovink’s images look much like a landscape in which the earth itself has been dissected to show us where the roots of plants proceed downward, culminating in sacs. Lovink “draws” a three-dimensional image by hanging sculpted, steel rods in front of an aluminum frame; the shadows cast by the steel rods draw us into an evocative and eerie anatomical landscape in metamorphosis.”

– Corinna Ghaznavi

“Moss’s Nebula (Scientist Flowers) is some two hundred flower shapes. Each petal bears the image of a scientist — famous and obscure — arranged on the wall in the structure of a galaxy. The nebula recalls an en masse explosion, a dynamic and suspended moment where a natural occurrence is juxtaposed with scientific innovation and homage to the power of ideas.”

– Corinna Ghaznavi