Diane Borsato

11 September 2009 - 24 October 2009
Opening Reception 11 September 2009 8pm

Front Gallery


In this exhibition, Diane Borsato will present a new series of public actions and discreet interventions. In works such as The Chinatown Foray (2008), Borsato invited the Mycological Society of Toronto to hold one of their weekly mushroom identification excursions in Markham supermarkets and medicinal shops; and in Italian Lessons (2009), Borsato is finding unconventional ways to learn a second language, by playing ping pong, learning First Aid, and engaging the subject of primordial black holes with a graduating Italian physics student. Through acts of theft, play, grocery shopping and knowledge swapping; the new works respond to the natural world in critical and surprising ways, while proposing alternative models for conducting research and acquiring knowledge.

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