fORUM: Resonance and Transmission

17 September 2022 - 19 November 2022

Resonance and Transmission is a multi-part events program informed by Aimée Zito Lema’s embodied entanglements with archival materials. Exploring cultural and artistic responses to recorded histories, practices of appropriation, and corporeal memory, the series asks: What does it mean to resonate with a movement, an artist or an event? What does resonance mean and what does it permit? And what does it not attempt to do? How does resonance differ from appropriation? What is the role of the body in contacting, transmitting, remembering feminisms and other social movements?

Registration is currently open for the following events:


7 October 

7 October 2022, 1 PM EST  |  Online
Le Nemesiache in 1970s and 1980s Naples: a gallery tour, group reading, and conversation between Giulia Damiani and Helena Reckitt

18 October

18 October 2022, 6 PM EST
Online performance and selfie workshop by Harold Offeh

10 November

10 November 2022, 6 PM EST
Listening to the Vault: a conversation between Sebastian De Line and Qanita Lilla

17 November

17 November 2022, 6 PM EST
Conjuring Resonance: Scrying Feminist Pasts 

Resonance and Transmission is organized by a group of curators, writers and researchers based in London, Montréal, Toronto, and Amsterdam interested in overlooked feminist histories and generational processes of knowledge transmission, comprising Giulia Damiani, Gabrielle Moser, Vanessa Parent and Helena Reckitt.

fORUM is Mercer Union’s ongoing series of talks, lectures, interviews, screenings and performances. Admission to our public programming is free, and all are welcome.