6 January 1981 - 24 January 1981
Opening Reception 6 January 1981 12pm

Main Gallery:


Dan Reid, from Toronto, will exhibit an installation entitled Field in the Main Gallery from January 6 to 24.

In relation to this work, Reid has explained:

Field is an installation of physical elements on a horizontal plane. The viewer is able to deal with these elements on a purely analytical level, however, his more complete understanding of the nature of this work must come from his own experience of it

With the parameters of the work, perception is localized to the extent that the elements begin to act independently of the viewer’s predefined conception of the overall format. His awareness of immediate phenomena causes him to constantly restructure the elements in relation to his specific location within the field.

As sculpture, this work deals with the manner in which the mind/body perceives and structures information on an ongoing basis.”