Samantha Rees

9 September 2004 - 16 October 2004
Opening Reception 9 September 2004 8pm

Back Gallery

Favourite Places

Artist Talk by Samantha Rees, Saturday Oct. 16 5pm

“When we look up at the sky sometimes we can recognize faces and images in the clouds. We use our past experiences to tell us these images look familiar. After this narratives come quickly and we fill in the blanks the best we can.” – Samantha Rees

Samantha Rees presents paintings which frame moments that exist in a complete vacuum from absolute natural law. In this vacuum anything is possible. Landscapes and skyscapes are inhabited by characters, events and phenomena unexplainable by natural law, like arbitrary clouds in the sky. Rees finds these places in the world most intriguing and worthy of investigation, where fiction comes to have the seamless quality of the real.

Samantha Rees is from Calgary, Alberta. Currently she is living in The Netherlands, after leaving her home in Knoxville, Tennessee. This move had a dramatic effect on the course of her work, since the biggest influences she found were the light and the Dutch landscape. This is her first exhibition in Toronto.

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