Ingrid Chu

14 May 1998 - 20 June 1998
Opening Reception 14 May 1998 8pm



Euphoria-Emporia examines how we are influenced and affected by our surrounding environment. Through the creation of a false storefront window, Chu examines the effects of consumer culture on our society. Taking cues from advertising, fashion, and the media. Chu’s window display operates as both an artistic and commercial display, challenging what is and what is not art by fusing the gallery with the street culture from which is is inspired.

Ingrid Chu is a Toronto-based artist and writer who has exhibited and performed locally since the early 1990’s. She is a founding member of the Syndicate artist collective. She has recently exhibited her videos in a number of Toronto storefronts through Syndicate’s group exhibition, Litter.

Gerry Shikatani’s visual narrative fiction is a small component of a much larger work of texts from the gardens of Andalucia (Cordoba, Granada Sevilla) and selected gardens of Japan. The piece is entitled (kokoro raceme aljanna) les sources – 1 – The Ploughshares Monitor institute of peace and conflict studies . Waterloo . March 1991 – 2 – le nouvel Observateur . Paris . 5 mars (Chantal de Rudder) – 3 – al-Andalus and 1492: The Ways of Remembering (Maria Rosa Menocal) . poem of the Patio of Lions . Alhambra . Granada . Kyoto Gardens (Nakane Kinsaku) . Osaka . 1965