14 March—20 April 2002

Entropic Gym

Entropic Gym takes up the themes of small disturbances, chance encounters and arrested vision by likening such events to the experience of doubt. In developing work around these themes, new work continues to exploit and further explore some of the reoccurring strategies, which characterize our practice. The work seeks the potential of nothing, through the use of inverted or revolving images, reversed and inverted video and sound, and in the continuing collaboration with Steve Swindells, for the creation of texts of ambiguous status and site. Many of Dutton & Peacock's recent installations have evolved from a central motif are never represented directly. Instead, the motifs are used as devices around which the artist constructs and mediate photographs, videos, texts, and objects into formations.


Dutton & Peacock live and work in Sheffield, England. They began collaborating on projects in 1996 and having already exhibited individually at national and international levels. Their collaborative work includes exhibitions at the Museum of Installation and the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research in London; Optica in Montreal; and Pekao Gallery in Toronto. Some of the their most recent work has been seen in The Vanishing City, Programa, Mexico City (2001); Province, Bilbao Arte, Bilbao (2001); and On Vanishing, Site Gallery, Sheffield (2001). Publications include: On Vanishing (2001), Province (2001); Kayaköy, with Steve Swindells, (2000); In The Place of an Object, CFAR Publication, London (2000); Vim & Vigour, MASS Publication (1999); Vesuvius, with Steve Swindells (1998). Steve Dutton and Percy Peacock are founding members of S1 Artspace/Projects and share a studio there.

Steve Swindells lives in Sheffield, England. As a founder member of S1 Artspace/Projects he is a current studio holder there. Exhibitions include: Nokia Art Singapore 01, NAFA Gallery, Singapore (2001); Googly, Bankley Studio Gallery, Manchester (2001); Kayaköy, with Dutton & Peacock, Catalyst Arts, Belfast (2001); Home (Between 8 and 10pm), Rotherham Art Gallery, UK (2001); Vim & Vigour, S1 Art Space, Sheffield (2000); Haecceitas Star, Mappin Art Gallery (1999), Sheffield; A Disturbance of Memory on the Acropolis, Centre for Freudian Analysis And Research, London (1999). Publications include: Home, MASS Publication (2001); In The Place of an Object, CFAR Publication, London (2000); Kayaköy, with Dutton & Peacock, (2001); Vim & Vigour, MASS Publication (1999); Vesuvius, with Dutton & Peacock (1998).