Dominique Pelletey

10 September 1992 - 10 October 1992
Opening Reception 10 September 1992 8pm

East Gallery:

A Collection: Circle

Mercer Union Centre for Contemporary Visual Art is pleased to present an exhibition by Dutch artist Pelletey entitled A collection: Circle. This is Pelletey’s first solo exhibition in Toronto.

Pelletey’s work is reminiscent of pictures in an anthropology textbook. The emphatic isolation and repetition of iconic elements (in this instance the circle) leads one to suspect that these images were not chosen merely for their aesthetic value, but serve as illustrative material to expose an underlying (and for us, foreign) cultural system. When the key to this system is handed to us, the images’ messages can be easily decoded and understood. This is precisely the point where their similarity with a anthropological textbook ends — the explanatory text is absent. Pelletey’s conceptual, iconological approach brings him close to artists such as Rene Magritte and Marcel Broodthaers.

Pelletey lives and works in Amsterdam and frequently exhibits throughout Holland. Solo exhibitions include Tropisme 8. Expositie 2, De Waag, Leiden and Mimetisme de voyage, Torch Gallery, Amsterdam.

This exhibition has received generous support from: Foundation for Visual Art, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam.