Mindy Yan Miller

13 September 2001 - 20 October 2001
Opening Reception 13 September 2001 8pm

Front Gallery:

drop out

Constructed entirely out of coke cans, drop out, evokes 60’s counter-culture, its re-emergence and its complex relationship to capitalism, drawing on Miller’s interest in historically ‘progressive’ but failed ideologies and issues revolving around loss and community.

“drop out, and its related coke-dump, sets up this transformation in the form of a reversal of needs: it is not the caffience-laden, chemical sugar water that is desired but the emptied cans. The aesthetic use of the Coke cans to display peace and love signs pre-empts the marketed drive to consume. drop out protests “the real thing” in service of real things: peace and love.” – Susie Major

Performance by Mindy Van Miller Coke-dump, 9pm, Thursday Sept. 13, 2001.