Cecily Moon

9 February 1989 - 11 March 1989
Opening Reception 9 February 1989 8pm

East Gallery:

Days and Lives

This exhibition brings together two bodies of works on paper by Elora, Ontario artist Cecily Moon. All of the drawings and watercolours on exhibition have been approached with a similar focus: all form part of an investigation into how mental processes which normally evade our conscious evaluation, operate within the framework of our understanding. Primarily, the works on exhibition deal with neglected or outcast forms of memory. Moon’s drawings are concerned with habitual or body memory, while the watercolours on view explore physical orientation or place memory.

The drawing process is a central factor in determining the final outcome of Moon’s works. All of her recent drawings and watercolours have been approached without preconceived notions or mental pictures of their completed states. Her series of drawings reveal the consequent build up of lines suggested by association, analogy, metaphor and opposition. In her series of watercolours, Moon examines the selective nature of memory, and the criteria of choice. From her local environment, the artist has attempted to record visual information which normally evades her conscious perception.

Cecily Moon has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Toronto, Ottawa, Kitchener, Waterloo, Saskatoon and Regina. This exhibition at Mercer Union represents the artist’s first solo exhibition in Toronto in recent years. Opening Thursday February 9 at 8:00 pm, and continuing through Saturday March 11, Days and Lives will be on view in Mercer Union’s East Gallery.