Daniel Sharp

20 July 1982 - 7 August 1982
Opening Reception 20 July 1982 8pm

East & West Galleries:

Toronto Wall Drawings

This Peterborough artist will present an installation of graphite and tempera drawing on the gallery walls in the West Gallery against painted shaped forms, projecting minimally off the walls of the East Gallery. The shapes and patterns derive from architecture and signs chosen from the streets of downtown Toronto. Though related in subject matter, the works of each gallery function differently; and the experience of each set of works is different: the tension of the temporary wall drawing is a set against the solid relief and forms of the painted objects.

The shapes themselves are significant to the artist: “I regard these shapes as a kind of signature of our time. The character of man-made shapes and forms are an expression…of the people who made them. Drawing attention to these shapes and patterns can function to alter the way in which we look at the urban environment.”