Dana Bentley​, Wendy Coad, ​Michael Merrill​

Curated by: Peter Blendell and Rober Wiens

26 June 1984 - 21 July 1984
Opening Reception 26 June 1984 8pm

East & West Galleries:

This exhibition at Mercer Union features paintings by three local artists who have received little exposure in Toronto.

Collectively, the works represented here are concerned with the human figure. The individualistic expression and treatment of this common subject matter is a reflection of the strongly personal style each artist has developed over numerous years.

Dana Bentley attended the Kootney School of Art in Nelson, B.C. and the Alberta College of Art. Dana has exhibited in Vancouver and Calgary, and has continued to paint actively since  his arrival in Toronto in 1979. Employing various kinds of found paints on large unstretched, collaged canvases, his vigorous, forceful gestures produce physically and symbolically expressionistic paintings.

Wendy Coad, studied at the University of Saskatchewan, and has exhibited in Saskatoon, Regina, Toronto, Ottawa, Burlington, and Sudbury, Ontario. Consistently depicting the female figure against a landscape backdrop, Wendy builds up layers of numerous acrylic glazes to create these large paintings on paper.

Michael Merrill attended the School of Art and Design at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art and has exhibited in Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, and Berlin. Using oil on canvas, Michal narrates psychological events in physical terms. His technique includes articulate personal craft and free ranging references to historical art forms.