Conrad Atkinson

Curated by: Karl Beveridge

18 December 1984 - 22 December 1984
Opening Reception 18 December 1984 8pm

Works on Paper:

Consuming War

We live in a society based on consumption and increasingly, as Eisenhower warned in the fifties our military/industrial complex, is structuring what we consume and who consumes. We are not only being supplied with more objects, but we are being supplied with values and meanings. These objects are not to be objects of our desire. These meanings are not our meanings. War consumes and is consuming.

Our visions are swamped by ideas and images as well as objects. The main vehicle for these ideas is the media. Their values and ideologies soak into our eyes and our ears and our hands and our bodies and our brains just as coal dust, 245+, strontium 90, asbestos and radiation soaks into our hearts and lungs and brains.

– Statement by the artist.

Installation in collaboration with A Space.