Clive Murphy

2 June 2006 - 8 July 2006
Opening Reception 2 June 2006 8pm

Mercer Union is pleased to announce two new solo exhibitions opening this Friday, June 2nd.

Front Gallery:


Artist’s Talk: Clive Murphy, Friday, June 2, at 7:30pm

Artist-in-residence Clive Murphy presents Pneutopia, a fully functioning, hand-made, inflatable Bouncy Castle (or Moonwalk). “The possibility remains that Murphy’s Pneutopia, like many of its inflatable architecture ancestors, may, in the end, fall short of its vision on paper, or see an early demise – the result perhaps of its inability to withstand several jumping and bouncing adults. That it may be a successful failure is inherent in its own tentative nature, and, whether inflated or not, Pneutopia will embrace all that is carnivalesque and kitsch. It will be undeniably playful. It will exist within the realm of Bouncy Castle fairy tales, and its architectural details and structure will still allude to the hopeful, forward-thinking utopic visions of modernist architecture, with its sleek, black, monolithic presence, as well as the inflatables enthusiasts’ desire for re-socialization.”

– From the brochure essay by Natalie De Vito

Please note that, contrary to the brochure listing, the opening is Friday, June 2nd, at 8pm. Clive Murphy presents an artist’s talk at 7:30pm on the same evening.

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