Group Show

17 October 1981 - 30 October 1981
Opening Reception 17 October 1981 8pm

Front Gallery:

Books in Manuscript Form

Bookworks Group Exhibition

An exhibition of artists’ books, and ideas for books, will be on display in the Mercer Union Front Gallery, October 17th to 30th.

Gallery hours are noon to 5:00 pm, Tuesday through Saturdays.

For further information contact Doug Sigurdson, Director.

Artist list from Books in Manuscript Form:

Robert Wiens, Incomplete Pyramids, 1977
Donna Tkachuk, On Bagness
Robert McNealy, A Sample an Example Examine. 1981
Brian Kipping. 1980
Gary Starks, Combat Experience, 1981.
Sharon Cook, untitled, 1981
Robert Harman, artists like to talk, 1981
David Anderson, Aitikohen Stack, 1981
Jim Anderson, Blond, 1980, Teeange See Stories, 1981, The Complete International, 1981
Peter Blendell, Person, Place and Things. 1981
Leslie McAllister, No Habla Espanol, 1981
Niels Axel Nohr, A Collection of 780 Sheets with a Different element of Q depicted on each other, 1975
Yana Sterbak, Snake, 1978
Ken P. Garnhum, Words Cards Book 1, 1981
Michaelle McLean, Contained Space, 1980
Isaac Applebaum, Subpoena to a witness. 1978
Michael Merrill, untitled, 1981
Marion Mertens, Dream Fragments, 1980
Michael Davey, De Forest Brothers Masonry and Weld Tube, 1980
Jaan Poldaas, Msc. Series #4. 1976