Lisa Keedwell

14 February 1981 - 27 February 1981
Opening Reception 14 February 1981 12pm

Front Gallery:

Bone China

In a show consisting of three parts, this Toronto artist examines the look and feel of replicas of Bone China as they appear in various states of decay.

the first part of the work is a table setting for eight (including plates, cups, saucers and tea service) sewn together from plaster bandage. Each place setting is decorated differently in a classic design of the large potteries, – Wedgewood, Spode, Royal Doulton, etc.

The second part consists of a similar “china” setting stacked in and around a sink and counter as though the table had just been cleared after eating and the dishes were waiting to be washed. The dishes in the sink will have lost some of their original shape and colour, having been partly wetted down.

The third part, consisting of a similar china setting, appears in a dish-washer, its door ajar as though just having completed its cycle. The dishes in this instance will be thoroughly collapsed shapes from which the distinctive trademark pattern will have been totally washed away.

Lisa Keedwell lives and works in Toronto. She has shown previously at Gallery’76, A Space and at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. In addition, she has done extensive work with models and model animation as an assistant to a special effects cinematographer.