Ian Smith-Rubenzahl

8 September 1987 - 3 October 1987
Opening Reception 8 September 1987 8pm

West Gallery:

Artist Studio Projects: The Enchanted City

Within the gallery setting Ian Smith-Rubenzahl has created a metaphoric view of the city. The artist presents the viewer with a suggestion of the ideal city. Through the use of painted imagery and spoken text, The Enchanted City establishes a point of departure from the uniform experience of urban life. The concept of the city, the focus that animate it and its inner life are explored.  Of his installation Ian Smith-Rubenzahl explains, “In this enchanted city sound, movement and light lead a viewer on an extraphysical journey through streets of clashing juxtapositions and plazas of converging narratives to a bridge of classical contradictions.”

An emerging artist, Ian Smith-Rubenzahl graduated from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Vancouver, in 1984. Since returning to Toronto, he has created and exhibited two installations; A Hard and Fast Line (1986) and Odeum Multifariam (1987)