Andy Patton

4 October 1980 - 17 October 1980
Opening Reception 4 October 1980 12pm

Front Gallery:

Anonymous Mechanisim

The large scale photographs comprising this show are of a series of posters executed anonymously by the Toronto artist over a period extending from April 1978 to June 1979. Each poster was originally designed for a specific context. As Patton has explained, “Two are from a series of five which worked with physical locations (and the difference between language and the actual world). One was injected into the November 1978 civic election which saw SewelI elected as mayor. The last one was fitted into the context of posters for New Wave bands, but refers to a genenalized notion of politics .”

anonymous mechanism

These posters were done anonymously in different physical and social contexts They never carried anything which would identify them as artworks. They could only be encountered accidentally on the street, not viewed deliberately. Since most people passing by could not classify them, their intention remained in doubt, allowing them to be a small but real instability.

I wanted something anomalous, something that didn’t entirely fit the conventions of its situation. That zone is a chance for an existence that isn’t merely printed out. . .

The posters date from March 1978 to May 1980.

and thank you:

Gary Shilling – who collaborated with me on the Hitler poster, Robert Baillargeon – who loaned me his slides of various posters, Philip Monk – from whom I stole the phrase “anonymous mechanism.”