Margaret May

4 January 1990 - 3 February 1990
Opening Reception 4 January 1990 8pm

East Gallery:

All and Nothing

Opening Thursday January 4 at 8:00 pm, Mercer Unions A Centre for Contemporary Visual Art presents a series of mixed media works by Calgary artist Margaret May.

Margaret May will be presenting works from the Vignette Series, an intensely personal series that evokes images of memory, longing, sexuality, joy and despair. Working through a process involving a wide range of research, May uses forms and fragments from a variety of media. She combines, with her printmaking background, elements from drawing, photography, found images, print, collage and painting.

Margaret May has been included in exhibitions throughout western Canada, the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia since 1973. This exhibition at Mercer Union, which continues through to Saturday February 3, represents May’s first solo show in Toronto.