Alastair MacLennan

28 January 1983 - 29 January 1983
Opening Reception 28 January 1983 8pm


Felt-Crosses-False Teeth

Mercer Union presents Alistair MacLennan in a performance/installation entitled Felt Crosses-False Teeth. The piece is a moving cycle within a 24 hour period “plus an intended and as yet unknown ingredient to affect focusing ambivalence and displacement strategy.”

Alistair MacLennan was born in Scotland in 1943. Since 1976, he has been Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at Ulster College, Belfast. He has exhibited widely in England, Canada, and the USA.

His work often centres on the long and arduous repetition of simple actions using his own body…standing, walking or writing. Dressed completely in black, or more recently naked, his repeated cycle of action becomes trance-like, ritualistic. He has a keen sense of visual order in his performances, based on previous work as a painter. He has been a major influence on the development of live art in Ireland.

“…that the ocean is really in the cup, is an incontestable truth; but it is only so because the cup is absolutely non-existent. It is merely an experience of the infinite, having no permanence, liable to be shattered at any instant. It is in the claiming of reality and permanence for the four walls of his personality, that man makes the vast blunder which plunges him into a prolonged series of unfortunate incidents, and intensities continually the existence of his favourite formsĀ  of sensation. Pleasure and pain become to him more real than the great ocean of which he is a part and where his home is; he perpetually knocks himself painfully against these walls where he feels, and his tiny self oscillates within his chosen prison…”

The performance will take place continually over 24 hours starting 8:00pm January 28 until 8:00 pm January 29 at Mercer Union.