A Dirtier New Year’s Eve Party

31 December 2004

Many thanks to all for making A Dirtier New Year’s Eve Party a HUGE success and the party to be at in Toronto this New Year’s Eve!

Next-day reviews posted on www.tribemagazine.com:

“Had a great time, just got home. The Dukes were solid (and awesome),
SuperPeakNick was great, and Ayres / Cosmo Baker were great and all
over the map musically.”

“Drinks were well priced and actually TOO strong … everyone I went
got very drunk, very fast, which was hilarious.”


“The crowd was great, perfect even.”

“Phew! Not too sure why I’m very lucid and awake right now after only
sleeping for 3 hours after leaving this party. Simply put, I had an
absolutely amazing time.”

“So freakin’ good. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing group of
people to spend the night with!”

Thanks to our friends and volunteers: Mark Anderson, Scott Anderson,
Bennett, Cecilia Berkovic, Bruno Billio, Crystal Bueckert, Megan
Craig D’Arville, Jun Dazai, Andrea Deal, John Deal, Alex DeJong, Sleepy
Janis Demkiw, Dr Jamie, Dave Faucher, Anya Galkina, Leah Glushien,
Hogg, Devon Hong, Stefanie Hopf, Roisin Hynes, Chaitanya Kalevar, Dave
Irene Kim, Greg Lapointe and the bartenders, Amber Lee, Helen Lee,
Lee, Shaun Lin, Matt Meagher, Chris Mills, Simone Moir, Kate Monro,
Nakamura, Nobi Nakamura, Mona Niculescu, Darren O1Donnell, Adrianna
Palazzolo, Sarah Peterson, Roula Partheniou, Max Piersig, Jade Rude,
Saunders, Dan Schneider, Joe from Signettes, Craig Stephen, Swintak,
Tripp, Mary Williamson and Dan Young.

Special thanks to:

the DJs:

DJ Ayres & Cosmo Baker


The Dukes


DJ dmt

Instant Coffee, for the Bass Bed and Mouthwash Bar

and our generous sponsors:

CIUT 89.5fm, Tiger Beer, Studio 99/Black Walk Productions, Dufflet Pastries, museumpros, I.D.A Print Inc., Lisa Kiss Design

and: Play De Record, Vice, Rotate This, Soundscapes, Penguin Music,
Video, Dominion, Planned Parenthood, ACT, Come As You Are, P & G
Steve M, Steph of Pulse Productions and Suzanne Carte-Blanchenot.

We couldn’t have done it without you!