Video Walkthrough: 45th Parallel

26 April 2022 12am

Lawrence Abu Hamdan gives a virtual tour of his solo exhibition, 45th Parallel. Speaking to his interest in the Haskell Free Library and Opera House, the artist gives us a glimpse into the stories told in his commissioned film, and reflects on what they tell us about permeable borders and impermeable laws.      2021-22 […]


SESSION: Suneil Sanzgiri

30 April 2022 12pm

REGISTER TO ATTEND Artist and filmmaker Suneil Sanzgiri invites audiences to collectively unpack and collaboratively explore questions around borders, nationalism, identity, and state-based violence. Prompted by a passage from Harsha Walia’s book Border & Rule and one of Sanzgiri’s own short films, this wide-ranging and informal conversation will look at how the moving image might […]


fORUM: Lawrence Abu Hamdan with Tina Sherwell

5 May 2022 11am

Lawrence Abu Hamdan joins art historian Tina Sherwell for a conversation engaging the film and exhibition 45th Parallel (2022) to discuss the challenge and opportunity of creating work across borders.       Download the PDF transcript here — Lawrence Abu Hamdan (born in 1985, Amman, Jordan) is a “Private Ear.” His interest in sound and […]