SPACE: The BAU | Functioning Circuits: GreenPort

5 April 2021 - 14 August 2021

Black Artists Union (BAU) in collaboration with Kanna Anigbogu illustrate the ethos of GreenPort Cannabis: Healing, Community, Growth and Unity. Mercer Union’s SPACE billboard commission has invited The Black Artists Union (BAU) for its 2020-21 season. Their project, Functioning Circuits, gathers functionality in art through a series of advertisements made collaboratively with The BAU commissioned artists and businesses […]


ma ma | in residence

12 April 2021 - 28 June 2021

Fast Forward: Speculative Institutions Mercer Union has invited Toronto-based collective ma ma for an extended term of curatorial research through public events and engagements. ma ma | in residence begins with Fast Forward: Speculative Institutions, a three-part program on speculation and imagination that will consider how institutional critique can be a catalyst for institutional change. […]

A blueprint map of the Greater Toronto Area covered with the text "BAU BUYS Bitcoin"


SPACE: The BAU | Functioning Circuits: BAU Buys Bitcoin

15 February 2021 - 3 April 2021

Bitcoin, coined as internet money, is a programmable network that works as a store of value through its distributed public ledger. Operating independently of a central bank, Bitcoin exists outside of government issued currencies and offers an alternative to legacy financial tools. The Black Artists Union’s (BAU) desire to seek tools for self-sustenance has led […]