Rocco Turino

18 February 1999 - 27 March 1999
Opening Reception 18 February 1999 12am


360 Miles Apart

If mom was a doctor serves as a basis for 360 Miles Apart. The work derives from repeated periods of convalescence in between doses of media.

One acquires a new relationship to their environment when immobilized temporarily and in that process discovers bed rest to be a tiring occupation. Your room quickly becomes confining and challenges you to think in place to be where you are, while your narrow periphery confined the fact that you’re surrounded. The power of sight is a small consolation in a state of stasis, but it may be your only means of transport. With a limited perspective you engage in visual activities like tracking ceiling contours or lingering on decorative details in hopes of finding a key.

Rocco Turino was born in a house. His family immigrated to Canada from Italy in the mid-sixties. He received a diploma in sculpture and installation from OCAD in 1992 and graduated with an MFA from Concordia University in 1996. Most recent exhibitions include Version City at the University of Buffalo Art Gallery, curated by John Massier, 1998, and a solo exhibition at the Kyber Gallery, Halifax, 1998.