2005 OF THE TOP 3000

Olia Mishchenko

1 July 2004 - 7 August 2004
Opening Reception 1 July 2004 8pm

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2005 of the Top 3000

“If certain portions of equipment cannot be observed these sections of property are understood to be complex. A worker’s ignorance of one of these machines will not exempt them from the general act of work. (Work will not be confined to expertise or the specific execution of a goal, though a worker may not be “irresponsible,” or “unprofessional.”)” (excerpt from brochure text by Jesse Huisken)

2005 of the Top 3000, a continuous drawing, measuring approximately one inch in height and spanning over forty sheets of paper, depicts a hectic yet somewhat calm and composed narrative. Hundreds of ubiquitous bodies are engaged in what seems to be an endless act of making. Everyone is building something, erecting a wall, pushing, pulling or compiling building materials, gathering, planning and discussing what to make next. This place, this city or is it a village, is continuously about to be made, always under construction and as such imbued with potential.