The Flesh of Memory

21 October 2018 3pm - 5pm

Writing workshop with Merray Gerges

In advance of Nep Sidhu’s solo exhibition at Mercer Union entitled Medicine for a Nightmare (They Called, We Responded), which will open in February 2019, this writing workshop will explore how experience anchors itself in the body. Led by Merray Gerges, participants will be guided through a series of writing exercises that will provoke reflections on how history roots itself in flesh, and how memory loss or practices of memorialization reshape those repositories. As a preface to Sidhu’s exhibition, which will chart how a pivotal moment in recent Sikh history has been collectively processed and culturally redressed, participants will be encouraged to chart the malleability of their own understandings of historical inheritance, personal and social alike.

This workshop is organized by cheyanne turions.
Space is limited; please RSVP to or 416.536.1519

Merray Gerges is a Toronto-based critic, editor and investigative journalist. She studied art history at NSCAD and journalism at King’s University in Halifax, where she co-founded and co-edited CRIT paper, NSCAD’s first student newspaper. In summer 2016, she was Editorial Resident at Canadian Art, where she is now Assistant Editor. Her reporting and criticism have appeared in Canadian ArtC MagazineMOMUS, the Walker Art Center ReaderHyperallergic and more, discussing topics ranging from the radical potential (and shortcomings) of intersectional feminist memes and art selfies, to art-world race politics.

cheyanne turions is a curator, cultural worker and writer concerned with art’s capacity to provoke otherwise possibilities. Currently, turions is the Director of Education and Public Programs at the Vancouver Art Gallery and on the Board of Directors at 221A.