1 August 2001 12am - 12am

1. Two performers
2. Live video mixing (montage, time and image displacement)
3. The projection
4. The screen
4.The dj


Michelle Kasprzak is an artist who processes all manner of moving and still images, often in a performative context. Michelle and collaborator Mike Steventon, as badpacket, regularly create performance art interventions using any means necessary. Michelle is interested in making art more distributed, more disruptive, and more disposable. Recent exhibitions include: Art Gallery of Ontario, iMAGES Festival, Cinemathèque Ontario, and Year Zero One/InterAccess.

Michelle Teran is a Toronto-based artist interested in networking of the digital and the organic, social spaces and mixed reality. She has staged performances, installations, photographic works, given talks, organized exhibitions and events and created internet and site-specific works for national and international spaces. Recent performances were presented during the Net Congestion streaming media festival and GAMESHOW, both in Amsterdam.