Stephen Parkinson

12 May 2007 12am - 12am

Saturday, May 12, 9pm

Toronto-based musician, Stephen Parkinson studied composition with Rudolf Komorous, John Celona, Michael Longton, Owen Underhill and Roger Reynolds. He is a founding member of The Drystone Orchestra, an active member of the Toronto improvised music scene, and plays with the experimental salon orchestra Marmots. His piece Desires Are Already Memories is recorded by Arraymusic on their New World CD and Eve Egoyan has recorded two of his compositions for piano: Rainbow Valley on her disc, thethingsinbetween and Trail on The Art of Touching the Keyboard. However, while Stephen continues to compose for established contemporary classical performers, his main compositional practice involves writing for do-it-yourself situations featuring himself and various friends (with various musical backgrounds) as performers, reacting to a variety of methods of prescription/notation, involving toy instruments, electronics, vintage turntables, field recordings, as well as more traditional musical instruments. He has written collections of integrated compositions designed to take up full concerts for the Rat-drifting, Window, and Ulterior music series.