SESSION: Desire x Politics

26 January 2020 12pm - 3pm

In Desire x Politics: Solve for x, where x is the variable prised open between the bodies of politics and the bodies of desire.

Over the past eight months, a nine-person* working group led by Yaniya Lee and Fan Wu has been navigating the problematics of desire x politics, reading and writing to unravel this equation’s many entanglements. In this SESSION, members of the group share new writing composed over the course of their study and lead exploratory discussions through a participatory workshop. Participants will read, write and perform together an interrogation of desire x politics that identifies how these two modes converge, diverge, enable and interrupt each other.

For registration, RSVP to Aamna Muzaffar at, or by calling 416.536.1519

Yaniya Lee is a Toronto-based writer and editor interested in the ethics of aesthetics. She was a founding collective member of MICE Magazine and is a member of the Emilia-Amalia Working Group. Lee currently works as Features Editor at Canadian Art magazine.

Fan Wu is a nomadic art writer, poet and workshop facilitator. You can find his writing online at baest journal, MICE Magazine and Koffler Digital.

*Desire x Politics members include: Daniel Barrios, Max Cotter, Sophia Jaworski, Yaniya Lee, Mel Mikhail, Mahshid Rafiei, Francis Tomkins, Lucy Wowk, and Fan Wu.

SESSION is a project modelling itself after an incubator that invites cultural practitioners to engage with questions that emerge out of a given exhibition.

SESSION is made possible with Leading Support from TD Bank Group