Round 9: The Art Club vs. Mercer Union

21 June 2008 12am - 12am

Saturday 21 June, 1:30PM


The Parkdale Art Club students will offer their thoughts and perspectives on Anne Fauteaux’s and Ana Teixeira’s exhibitions, and lend their eyes and ears to the audience.


Parkdale Public School vs. Queen West

10 Rounds

In this corner we have: the Kids, 647 of them. A massively diverse crew obsessed with Playstation, teddy bears, fairness, and running the world.

In the other corner: Artsters, predominantly white, mostly from other provinces, well-educated in the liberal arts, ready and eager to get drunk at gallery openings and always on the look-out for exciting but cheap ethnic dining experiences.

Parkdale, one of Toronto’s most diverse neighbourhoods, has exploded with cultural activity, seen the encroachment of gentrification, and is also home to new Canadians from almost fifty different countries. Mammalian Diving Reflex presents a Ten-Round encounter between the Parkdale Public School students and artists in the neighbourhood, resulting in performances, public talks, public walks, dinner, dancing and a film-screening. It’s a vibrant pile of creativity, intelligence and entertainment.

Who will be the winna in this ultimate battle?!? The dual in the ‘dale. Place your bets.

Mammalian Diving Reflex is an award-winning contemporary, interdisciplinary theatre company that creates innovative and critically acclaimed performances. PPS vs. QW has been generously supported by the Toronto Community Foundation’s Growing Active Kids Program; the Ontario Arts Council Foundation’s Arts Education Partnership Initiative; and the City of Toronto’s Live With Culture Office.