RG*RG / Zines & Self-Publishing

28 August 2012 6pm

with Maggie Groat & Jimmy Limit

Visibility is a central form of self-marketing, and accessibility to artist writing, artwork and research is a valuable process. Learn about economic, DIY ways to disseminate your work to the public, while at the same time creating a personal archive to be sustained.

For more information, contact Ellyn Walker, RG*RG Program Coordinator, at ellyn@mercerunion.org

Maggie Groat is a visual artist based in Toronto and St. Catharines, Ontario. She holds an MFA from Guelph University in Studio Practice. She has published several self-initiated bookworks and artist projects, available to the public through Art Metropole (Toronto) and Eye Level (Halifax).

Jimmy Limit is a visual artist based in Toronto and St. Catherines, Ontario. He has self-published numerous zines, artist books and other print-based projects available from Art Metropole, Printed Matter (NYC) and Motto (Berlin).