RG*RG / Cover Letters, Resumes and CVs

18 September 2012 6pm

with Ellyn Walker

Due to the growing competition and precarity of employment within the arts, eloquent, effective cover letter, resume and CV writing are all invaluable assets to bring to any job. As the first introduction many employers will have, your professional writing and application practices could make the difference between gaining employment and not. Learn tips for successful cover letter, resume and CV writing in this one-on-one workshop.

For more information, contact Ellyn Walker, RG*RG Program Coordinator, at ellyn@mercerunion.org

Ellyn Walker is a visual artist, writer and arts activist based in Toronto, Canada. She is involved with various artist-run centres in Toronto and Los Angeles and presently works for Gallery TPW, Mercer Union, the Ontario Crafts Council and Latin American-Canadian Art Projects.