Platform: Video Screening curated by Lise Nellemann

5 October 2004 12am - 12am

Tuesday, October 5, 6:30 – 8:00 PM (FREE)

“a complete guide to rewriting one’s own history”

Curated by Lise Nellemann (Director, Sparwasser HQ / Berlin)

It is uninteresting to think about art; we must instead think through it. Both the work itself and the common exhibition project are thinking machines. Through them, we reflect upon our own reality. Art creates models of thought and offers our perceptions of reality, parallel narratives and strategies. These models serve to understand, scan, and challenge life.

The blending of a fragment of fact into a volume of fiction is becoming a staple of so-called docudramas. TV channels run their “documentaries”. The News interprets historical facts. Internet newsletters offer alternative information sources. Esteemed art festivals like “Documenta11” try to open our eyes by telling us that there is no documentary which is objective, as documents of history are based on structures of power and exclusiveness.

“A Complete Guide To Rewriting Ones Own History” emphasizes that History is a narration (which inspires us to see the world and ourselves) and that stories can be told in many ways. It works with the ironically exaggerated, but idealistic wish to produce a complete guide – to rewriting and changing the narration of your history through which your life is explained. As the title plays with the idea of autonomy and the expertise to re-evaluate, re-define or re-map the world, what will it look like?