Platform: Lecture: Lise Nellemann (Director, Sparwasser HQ / Berlin)

7 October 2004 12am - 12am

Thursday, October 7, 7 PM (FREE)

Lise Nellemann (Director, Sparwasser HQ / Berlin)

Offensive für zeitgenössische Kunst und Kommunikation, Berlin and other artist curatorial projects. The Danish artist Lise Nellemann will give a presentation on Sparwasser HQ, a leading Berlin venue for emerging Nordic and International artists. Based on a collaborative process and linked to the history of cultural and political activism in Berlin, Sparwasser has presented more than 300 artists/theorists since the beginning of 2000.

This lecture and video screening is part of Elsewhere: Curatorial Initiatives, an international lecture series focusing on curatorial perspectives. This Platform programme has been generously supported by the Ontario Ministry of Culture.

Sparwasser HQ @ Mercer Union is part of the BERLIN/TORONTO GALLERY EXCHANGE in collaboration with the 2004 Toronto International Art Fair