Performance: Elizabeth Cohen: Flesh +1

13 April 2000 8pm

Elizabeth Cohen: Flesh +1

Performance: Thursday April 13, 8:30 pm

This performance explores the ways in which we live on a continuum with the world around us, with the animals and objects in our world. By extending the surface of the body so that we experience our body as “more than”, this work creates a body that transgresses its accepted limits at the same time that it participates in a tradition of medieval carnival.


Megan Branson, Dawne Carleton, Robert Halley, Penelope Blanco, Ackerley Cairns, Nicole Fougere, Meagan O’Shea

Elizabeth Cohen lives and works in Brooklyn and Rochester NY. She exhibits both nationally and internationally, including exhibitions at Franklin Furnace, Apex Art, and the New Museum in NYC, the Rhona Hoffman Gallery in Chicago, the Bonner Kunstverein in Germany, and the Bogota Film Festival in Columbia. Ms. Cohen has been awarded an upcoming artist residency at The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Prague, Czech Republic. She is currently assistant professor of art at the University of Rochester.