Music in Alternative Spaces #4 and #5: Josh Thorpe and John Mark Sherlock

18 March 2006 12am - 12am

Please join us:

Saturday, March 18, 2006, 9pm, at Mercer Union


About his work for the fourth in our series of 10 Music In Alternative Spaces concerts, Josh Thorpe writes: “The Mercer show contains two half-hour pieces. The first, a solo, will
involve music boxes, objects, recordings, amplification, and
unintelligable text by Gertrude Stein. The second (in three sections)
involves Jennifer Castle and Anna Linda Siddall singing, Rob Clutton on
double bass, Mike Kane on keyboard, and myself on acoustic guitar. To
produce this piece we listen on headphones to Socrate, an old favourite of
mine by Erik Satie, and improvise to it as best we know how.”

For the fifth performance in our Music in Alternative Spaces concerts, John Mark Sherlock’s concert will involve two new 40 min. works for and ensemble of 4 musicians playing retuned Fender Rhodes electric pianos, retuned Clavinet, Hammond organ, amplified-processed tenor banjo, amplified-processed 12-string banjo, and amplified-processed autoharp. As with the keyboard duos offered as support material, these pieces will involve a mobile approach to form but will explore a more linear, polyphonic texture.

Josh Thorpe received his B.F.A. studying with David MacIntyre at Simon Fraser University and his M.A. studying with James Tenney at York. His recent work centres around the transcription and extensive mutation of existing musical material. It has been performed by Continuum, Arraymusic, Vancouver New Music, the Draperies, and at neither/nor, Rat-drifting, and other Toronto venues. He is a member of the experimental art-rock groups Everybody Get Sick and The Thorpe and he runs Off Cut Press, which recently published Ryan Driver’s Jokes of Toronto. Josh’s first CD, Flocklight, comes out April 2005 on Rat-drifting records.

Living in Toronto, John Mark Sherlock studied composition at the University of Western Ontario with Jack Behrens, Arsenio Giron and David Myska. His works have been played by many of Canada’s finest performers and ensembles including Arraymusic, the Burdocks, Critical Band, The Ergo Ensemble, Eve Egoyan, Linda Catlin Smith, the NUMUS Ensemble featuring the Penderecki String Quartet, Richard Sacks and Stephen Clarke. Also, he has written original music for dance or had works used for choreography by Marie-Josée Chartier, Heidi Strauss, Darryl Tracy, Allen Kaeja, Sylvain Émard and Gerry Trentham. With composer eldritch Priest, he recently formed the ensemble, neither/nor.

These art the fourth and fifth of a ten-part music series that is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts Music in Alternative Spaces programme.

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Please note that scheduled dates may change.

Mercer Union, A Centre for Contemporary Art

37 Lisgar Street, Toronto ON M6J 3T3 CANADA

(west of Dovercourt, south of Queen)

416 536 1519