Music in Alternative Spaces #3: Doug Tielli

18 February 2006 12am - 12am

Please join us:

Saturday, February 18, 2006, 9PM, at Mercer Union


For the third in our series of 10 Music In Alternative Spaces concerts, No Man Band (Doug Tielli) will sing mostly British Isles folk songs through different objects that alter or filter the tone of the voice such as a tea pot, a bottle, a contact-miked neck, as well as other surfaces, amplified instruments, bowls of water etc. At the same time as the singing and often preceding, inbetween, and succeeding the singing, other sound sources are activated: small objects being dropped, feedback, styrofoam being flicked, floors squeaked, scratching, dictaphones, radios, bottle-blowing, … All performed with an attention to inadvertence, physicality and tinyness.

Doug Tielli studied improvisation at York with Casey Sokol as well as trombone. He is one of the most conspicuously diverse musicians working out of Toronto. He is a prolific singer-songwriter, a member of the post-rock band The Silt (singing and playing guitar, banjo, trombone, saw, and keyboards), a prominent collaborator in Toronto’s free improvisation community including being a member of the Draperies, and, as a trombonist, regularly plays jazz with some of Toronto’s finest musicians including Rob Clutton, Nick Fraser, Tania Gill, and Brodie West. He also performs experimental composed music as a member of Cow Paws, Marmots, and the Reveries (with whom he played the Angelica Festival in Italy last spring). As a composer, Doug primarily produces electro-acoustic pieces or writes for the equally diverse group of musicians loosely affiliated with nether/nor of the Rat-drifting series. However, he has played with Arraymusic as part of the first Scratch Festival and composed a piece for that ensemble that was premiered at the second Scratch Festival.

This is the third of a ten-part music series that is supported by the Canada Council for the Art’s Music in Alternative Spaces programme.

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Please note that scheduled dates may change.

Mercer Union, A Centre for Contemporary Art

37 Lisgar Street, Toronto ON M6J 3T3 Canada

(west of Dovercourt, south of Queen)

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