Mercer Union: ACTIVATING SOUNDSYSTEM — Stephen Parkinson and Friends: Little-Sounds Systems

6 February 2004 12am - 12am

February 6th, 9PM (NOTE TIME CHANGE) [$2.00] — Stephen Parkinson: Little-Sounds Systems

Stephen Parkinson’s subtly surreal compositions will be heard through Mark Leckey’s Soundsystem, but just barely. In the first of two resolutely quiet concerts programmed by Martin Arnold (the second will feature Eric Chenaux’s music on Feb. 20), the Soundsystem takes part as a member of the band rather than as an all-embracing reenforcer. It sometimes hums along with the other musicians’ parts or murmurs its own contributions to insidious acoustic conversations. Other members of the band include Eric Chenaux, Marcus Quin, and Doug Tielli, along with Parkinson and Arnold, playing guitar, bass clarinet, trombone, miniature hand-speakers, melodica, compact discs, and wah-wah, whammy harmonicas.

as part of ACTIVATING SOUNDSYSTEM a schedule of events in conjunction with Mark Leckey’s exhibition “Soundsystem”.