Mercer Living 04….. Better Living

20 May 2004 12am - 12am

Exhibition: Wednesday, 12 May to Thursday, 20 May, Free

Auction: Thursday, 20 May, $25

Location: 129 Spadina, 2nd Floor

Better Living is an optimistic exhibition in which we ask artists, designers and architects to share their visions of contemporary urban style and their insights of new models for how we live. The responses will take shape in model suites, an exhibition created in the style of furniture store showrooms or Wheel of Fortune showcases. Here, lifestyle solutions will be arranged into rooms or spaces that will demonstrate how each could and should become a better part of our lives.

Participating artists, designers and architects:

Atelier Van Lieshout, Shinobu Akimoto, Dean Baldwin, Michael Bartosik, Pierre Belanger, Michael Buckland, James Carl, Johnson Chou, Ingrid Chu, Scott Cohen, Robin Collyer, Didier Courbot, Matt Davis, Janis Demkiw, FASTWURMS, Eric Glavin, Massimo Guerrera, Jill Henderson, Marla Hlady, Emily Hogg, Hadley Howes and Maxwell Stephens, Spring Hurlbut, Jay Isaac, Patty Johnson, An Te Liu, Corwyn Lund, Scott Lyall, Gwen MacGregor, Dean Martin and Anda Kubis, John McKinnon, Michael Meredith, Paul Mezei, Darlene Montgomery, Lewis Nicholson, Roula Partheniou, PLANT Architects Inc., Sandy Plotnikoff, Lucy Pullen, Paul Raff, Andrew Reyes, Rupen, Hilary Sample, Joe Scanlan, Derek Sullivan, Orest Tataryn, Zin Taylor, Ron Terada, Althea Thauberger, Christy Thompson, Kathryn Walter, Williamson Architecture, Jay Wilson, Diane Yunque, Johannes Zits

Sponsors: bar_one, Museumpros Fine Arts Services Inc., Tiger Beer, Toronto Life Magazine, the Design Exchange and Digifest 2004, Stephen Ranger, Ritchie’s Auctioneers