Mercer Edition 2017 Duane Linklater

27 October 2017 12pm - 8pm

Mercer Editions is an initiative of Mercer Union to commission work from Canadian and international artists to benefit its activities as an artist-run centre. Projects under this banner may take different forms that reflect the diversity of artistic practice presented in its galleries and programs.

For its second edition, Mercer Union collaborated with Duane Linklater to produce 12 decoys cast in solid bronze. The decoys are modelled after tamarack versions made by artists in the James Bay, Treaty 9 area. These decoys are not actually used for the annual goose hunt (which is still an important spring and fall event in James Bay), but are instead made for tourists who wish to purchase something ‘authentic’ from Omaskeko Ininiwak people in far Northern Ontario.

Mercer Edition 2017 will be launched at Art Toronto, Booth B23, 27-30 October 2017. For more information, contact Julia Paoli at 416.536.1519 or

Proceeds directly support Mercer Union’s programming and operations.