Lecture: Francesco Conz.

10 February 1999 12am - 12am

February 10, 1999

Francesco Conz maintains an important archive and collection of contemporary art, located in Verona, Italy. He is also a publisher and photographer who worked with most members of FLUXUS since the 60’s. But his range of interest is very much wider than that from concreate sound and poetry to the Vienna Actionists via various anomalous artists like Sari Dieues, the Spanish group ZAJ, Ben Porter, artists active in Lettrism, Situationism, or musicians like Robert Ashley.

His visit in Toronto is part of a lecture-tour across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax. His subject this time is the Vienna Actionists, and especially the work of Otto Miihl and his “Kommune”. His lecture/projection will include yet unseen, unknown material selected for this occasion, including films, videos and slides.

Tour co-ordination and management: Istran Kantor of MAO (Media Arts Office), Toronto.