PERFORMANCE: La Manga: Once Upon a Time

8 September 2000 12am - 12am

Performance: Once Upon A Time

From August 8 to September 8, the Mexican performance group La Manga will be participating in the first residency program at Gibraltar Point through the support of Mercer Union. This program has been developed by Artscape and members of the Toronto art community to establish an ongoing artists residency on Toronto Island.

Once Upon A Time was created at the Banff Centre for the Arts in 1999 through a Mexico-Canada cultural exchange grant. This dance piece makes use of the integration between video and movement research to create an atmosphere of encounters, confrontations and hopefully assimilations of the many faces of our own selves. La Manga is redefining and bringing to the present the dark personalities that feed this work.

La Producciones La Manga, created in 1994, is an independent dance company based in Mexico City. They collaborate with dancers, visual artists and actors to create works in both traditional theatrical venues as well as unconventional spaces. They strive to produce interdisciplinary, aesthetic statements that incorporate elements of popular culture.