If I had a Hi-Fi: 2002, A Palindrome show and sale.

12 December 2002 12am - 12am

Like a snake biting its own tail, we swallow the end of the last palindromic year we’ll ever see.

Works by Shinobu Akimoto, Lois Andison, Christine Baigent, Ryan Barrett, Andrea Battersby, Cecilia Berkovic, Christian Bok, Paula Braswell, Aaron Brwer, Adam Brown, Michael Buckland, Crystal Bueckert, Judy Cheung, Carrie Chisholm, Blayne Collins, Timothy Comeau, Tanya Cunnington, Justine Dart, Patrick DeCoste, Maura Doyle, Dave Dyment, Matthew Evans, Richelle Forsey, Bud Fujikawa, Anna Gaby-trots, Leah Glushien, Antonio Gomez-Palacio, Michael Greene, David Grenier, Sharon Hafner, Libby Hague, Christine Haley, Anitra Hamilton, Leif Harmsen, Andrew Harwood, Catherine HEard, Greg Hefford, Jill Henderson, Robert Hengeveld, Karen Hibbard, Emily Hogg, Graham Hollings, Keith Hopkins, Erika James, Rachel Kalpana James, Jack Jeffrey, Richard Juns, Lisa Kannakko, Charles Katz, John Kennedy, Gary King, Germaine Koh, Kristiina Lahde, Walter Law, Anne LeDuigou, Wendy Lu, Arylnn MacDermott, Andrew MacDonald, Gwen MacGregor, Sheila MacRandal, John Marriott, Anna Jane McIntyre, Laurel McMillan, Janet Partheniou, Steve Payne, Evan Penny, Terry Pidsadny, Sandy Plotnikoff, Andrew Pommierm Tanya Read, Jae Rude, Rupen, Kathryn Ruppert, Jon Saski, Greg Seale, Pete Smith, Samm Stocker, Monica Tap, Christy Thompson, Josh Waldburger, Rob Waters, Jay Wilson, Rebecca Wood. Paul Zingrone.

Opening party sale: Thursday, December 12, 8:00pm

Sales are first come, first serve, so get here early. (BE THE FIRST IN LINE. Don’t risk someone else getting their hands on what you want.) To purchase artwork, you will need to take a number at the door. We start giving away numbers at 8:00pm.  Buying frenzy starts at 9:00 pm to closing.

Pick up party: Saturday Dec. 21st, 6:00 – 8:00pm. (Another opportunity to socialize, spend some money, drink a little and pick up your many purchases,) There is something pleasing in the nature of the palindrome.

Mercer Union
37 Lisgar St
Toronto, ON
M6J 3T3