Cocktail/Catalogue Hour 5-8 pm Ghostwriter Launch

19 March 2004 12am

Come Savour the Phantasmagoric Tempo of A Sonic Marguerita Launch

Thursday January 28, 1999


essays by Andy Patton, Jamelie Hassan, Mary Anne Barkhouse, Gerald McMaster, Andy Fabo, Millie Chen.

Edited by Lorraine Johnson

Artists include: Shirin Neshat, John Abrams, Faye HeavyShield, Veronica Verkley, Don Hall, Robert Houle, Charline Boudrewau & Anne Golden, Brent Cehan, John McLachlin, Michelle Gay, Janice Kerbel, Evelyn Von Michalofski.

(1998) ISBN: 0-921527-05-5 35 p., b&w book.