Beyond the Surface:Performance

9 July 2004 12am

September 16, 1980, 8pm.

Il Gruppo Di Ricerca Materialistica


Extracted from notes by Giancarlo Pagliasso

…” The performance deals with the connections between architecture and painting in the 18th century. The most important themes developed concern Neo-classicism, Romanticism and HegeIian dialectics, but there are references to many other cultural “subjects”. (For example, to the Wiener Aktionismus, mythology, psychoanalysis, horror literature). The performance is divided into three parts and one. The first three develop like Hegelian dialectics, dealing with the problem of inside/outside surface. For every action/step there is a reference to colour, music, symbol, sense, matter, etc. The fourth part is the end of the dialectical movement and defines the overcoming of surface like obstacle and the transformation into creative ground.”

Thanks to Peter Dudar and Charlie Boyle.

Colin Lochead

Gruppo di Ricerca Materialistica, born in Turin in ’76, “worked” in private and public foreign and national “spaces” with actions and performances.

GRM “works”, in historical-philosophical terms, on the analysis of the ideologies, ideas, scientific theories of the capitalistic way of production (from illuministic materialism to “theoretical” grounds of industrial Revolution).

At present, this analysis concerns a research project about “the knowledge of industrial Revolution”, divided in this way:

1) The “Materialness” of glance in warning signs of human sciences (for example, medicine and psychology);

2) The Economy of Nourishment in capitalistic way of production;

3) The Rise of sexual problem and the appearance of the anthropological need;

4) The Universe of machine and the architecture of freedom (productive social structures);

The rising problems from these points are developed as new settlement of aesthetic praxis, owing to the “grounds” failing in theatre and art, and as critic reflection in sociological kind upon today’s cultural production.