Platform: Music Series

23 September 2000 12am - 11 September 2000 12am

The Music Series is set to start this fall with four Saturday night concerts: September 23 Marmots play Martin Arnold, Townes van Zandt, and Sheath and Knife. Featuring: Martin Arnold, melodica and organ Sandy Baron, violin Allison Cameron, keyboards Eric Chenaux, guitars and electronics Ryan Driver, analog electronics Kurt Newman, lap steel and dobro Stephen […]


PERFORMANCE: La Manga: Once Upon a Time

8 September 2000 12am - 12am

Performance: Once Upon A Time From August 8 to September 8, the Mexican performance group La Manga will be participating in the first residency program at Gibraltar Point through the support of Mercer Union. This program has been developed by Artscape and members of the Toronto art community to establish an ongoing artists residency on […]


The Lonely Lisgar Performance Festival

30 July 2000 12am - 12am

Sunday July 30, 2000 3 – 7 pm Admission free Mercer Union is pleased to present a Platform event: The Lonely Lisgar Street Performance Festival: an outdoor, afternoon performance happening. Fifteen performance artists or groups will participate in an outdoor festival that will use the surrounding environment and Lisgar Street at our new location. The […]


Lecture: Girl as Covergirl: Su-en Wong

7 June 2000 6pm - 9pm

  Lecture: Girl as Covergirl Art Gallery of Ontario Opening: Wednesday, June 7, 2000, 6 – 6:30 pm Lecture in the Ridley Member’s Lounge, 7:30 pm New York based artist Su-en Wong is featured in the fifteenth exhibition of Present Tense, an ongoing series of current work by Canadian and International artists. Su-en Wong’s paintings […]


Performance: Elizabeth Cohen: Flesh +1

13 April 2000 8pm

Elizabeth Cohen: Flesh +1 Performance: Thursday April 13, 8:30 pm This performance explores the ways in which we live on a continuum with the world around us, with the animals and objects in our world. By extending the surface of the body so that we experience our body as “more than”, this work creates a […]