Michel Daigneault

2 January 1992 - 1 February 1992
Opening Reception 2 January 1992 8pm

West Gallery:

It was once abstract

MERCER UNION, A Centre for Contemporary Visual Art is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Michel Daigneault. Originally a resident of Montreal, Daigneault presently resides in New York City.

Michel Daigneaut’s work addresses the presumption of totality so often ascribed to abstract paintings both formally and philosophically. By interrogating opposing paradigms of flatness (the symbol of Modernism) and the window (the symbol of Renaissance perspective), Daigneault examines the signification of the canvas as the site of pictorial inscription and representation. He juxtaposes of individual paintings encompassing various styles, genres and techniques in an array lacking either a linear or grid sequence. While each individual painting maintains its own integrity, together they form a figure in support of a pictorial inscription oscillating between closure and incompleteness.

Michel Daigneault has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Canada and the United States. His most recent solo exhibitions include the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (1989) and Christiane Chassay Gallery (Montreal 1991). This is Daigneault’s first solo exhibition in Toronto.