Alfred Engerer

11 September 1997 - 1 November 1997
Opening Reception 11 September 1997 8pm


Gestating Future

Alfred Engerer‘s Gestating Future references the subconscious acquisition of words, symbols, language etc., and the consequential process of understanding. Within the process of agreement and acceptance of their values through communication resides either the mindful contemplation and unquestioning docility or an accidental absorption that is time evolves to mindless acquisition or the “next great thing.”

Once materialized for a specific need, creations, products, signs, symbols, etc. may later be used as elements in other ideas and developments. As an example, Engerer states that “a newcomer to a foreign place views signage, company logos, road signals etc, and makes associations of their own which are not necessarily relevant to the intended meaning of these symbols.”

Engerer reminds us that Duchamp, Breton and Warhol celebrated the found object and recognized value in the everyday creation of all manner of industry. From the outset, this re-evaluation was met with praise and ridicule. The critical questioning of this value is as much the point as the mutual agreement and praise of man’s products before, during and after these artist times.